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Periodontal Disease Treatment by PerioTherapy
How Does a Mouthwash and Toothpaste Treat Gum Disease?
Recent discoveries prove that dangerous micro-organisms and toxins can enter your body through your mouth, thus creating problems like periodontal disease. PerioTherapy stops this harmful and possibly life-threatening process by utilizing potent doses of oxygenation, in conjunction with medical grade natural compounds (Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, and Zinc Ions).
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Gum disease has been linked to heart disease and other health problems. PerioTherapy has been clinically-proven to help promote healthy gum tissue and overall oral health.
New Evidence Indicates That Your Mouth
Is The Gateway To Periodontal Disease And Other Issues

Aside from periodontitis, studies by leading universities in Europe and the U.S have proven that heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and even premature low birth weight babies are related to poor oral hygiene. Recent scientific research proves that what goes on in your mouth affects many aspects of your health, and if you ignore these facts you stand to lose much more than your teeth. Bacteria and other dangerous germs can enter your bloodstream easily if your gums are swollen, weak or bleeding. Once in the bloodstream, they can be lethal sas they travel rapidly throughout your all of your body systems.

PerioTherapy Is The Solution

A dentist has pioneered breakthrough, clinically-tested products that truly work. Dr. Katz' gum disease treatment contains natural and organic compounds designed to safely and effectively attack these germs without any of the harmful compounds found in commercial products.

Commercial Mouthwash And Toothpaste Don't Work And May Actually Help Create Problems

Commercial products are based on outdated theories—That alcohol can stop these problems. In fact, alcohol-based mouthwash may create dry mouth and poor oral health, because it dries out the mouth which in turn causes an increase of dangerous volatile sulfur compounds. The dry mouth is also uncomfortbale and may cause bad breath. These VSCs are at the heart of the matter and this PerioTherapy destroys them instantly.

Your toothpaste (even the so-called natural products) contain harsh detergents, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, in order to create a sudsing effect. These detergents can cause canker sores because they are so severe. Saccharin is thrown into most toothpaste, even in children's versions. The PerioTherapy periodontal disease treatment contains NO alcohol, detergent, or saccharin.

Gum Disease Can Start Serious Problems

PerioTherapy Stops Bleeding Gums, Canker Sores, Colds And Flu

The germs that cause the common cold and flu are easily transported in the air and on surfaces in the home or at work. Ingredients in PerioTherapy attack these germs and can prevent these previously troubling problems. Canker sores and bleeding gums are often caused by harsh toothpastes and plaque buildup. PerioTherapy Gel/Toothpaste is gentle and soothing because it contains the highest concentration of aloe vera and oxygenating agents.

Why Periotherapy Works So Well.

Gum disease is essentially a TWO-PHASE problem.

First, plaque and bacteria build up around the gumline and cause the gums to swell and bleed.

During the second phase, the plaque hardens and irritates the ligaments and bone that hold the teeth in place. Gum disease, not decay, is the leading cause of tooth loss.

PerioO2, a medical-grade oxygenating compound found only in PerioTherapy attacks the bacteria which create plaque, destroys the sulfur toxins they produce, and provides oxygen ions to help restore optimal tissue health. Tea tree oil and zinc gluconate neutralize micro-organisms and aloe vera stops bleeding to prevent the germs from invading.·